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According to a survey by 2040, around 95% of all purchases are expected to be via eCommerce


Web and e-commerce stores have created a revolution in the business market. It helps the business owners reach to a wider potential audience. This has also led to digital marketing, which can help a business owner generate leads and make profits. However, if you are a business owner involved in merchandising & sales who wants to get ahead in the game and embrace huge amounts of profits, then you must consider to go digital and start an eCommerce / Web Portal.

Although, just having a website or an e-commerce store does not help. There are between 12M to 24M eCommerce sites in the world. If you want to win in this race, then you must match the expectations of your audiences. You will have to urge and compel them to get converted in to your customers. You will have to create a website and an e-commerce store that is visually stunning and conversion focused as well.

A lot of studies suggests that there is a rise in the global digital buyers. In fact, the number might hit to a massive 2.14 billion people by 2021. Thus, it is a wise thing to invest in an e-commerce store or a website, if you haven’t already.

Even if you have an e-commerce store already, make sure that it is visually aesthetic. Your website should have an easy interface and fully responsive for mobile devices so that it can give a hassle-free user experience to your customers. Worldwide percentage of buyers from mobile in all eCommerce segment is expected to rise to 72.9% by 2021.  Make sure to develop your portal with mobile device compatibility, add a loyalty program and create an interactive back-end.

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