IOT Development


In this digital era, technology has been evolved a lot and emerging in smart and sophisticated form of it every day, IoT is one of the examples of same technological advancement. IoT or Internet of things comprises a set of sophisticated and advanced equipment’s e.g. sensors and meters, network connectivity architecture, smart devices and software’s (Apps.) that facilitates the interchange of the information between machines and devices.  The internet of Things (IoT) technology have great potential in overall IT and Communication industry. The IoT technology has realized all across the domain, industry or technology be it the smart wearable’s, connected devices, automated machines, and driverless cars. Top industries that have been fully revolutionized in the wave of IoT based applications and solutions includes;


Enterprises: –


According to a survey 72 percent of enterprises have implemented IoT devices (mobiles, air conditioning systems, lighting systems, etc.) in their work to boost labour productivity.


Global Organization’s or enterprises started heavily relying and investing on IoT technology and solutions. They leverage utilities which can be monitored remotely and IoT Apps. helps them to attain their goals. Many firms admit the fact their profitability increased with the use of IoT Apps, products and services.


Manufacturing: –


Manufacturing industry use IoT apps. and services to optimize their process, monitoring equipment’s and machine health and perform preventive and predictive maintenance to increase the efficiency and optimum output, now-a-days business use IoT devices and Apps. to measure how their products are being used by consumers and maintain the data so manufacturers can analyse results and see broad patterns in terms of how the product is used, which can inform the next generation of the product, or help to adapt the demand and trends.


Healthcare: –


IoT Apps. and devices are broadly used in healthcare domain and it is getting more advanced every day. The use of IoT apps. varies from medical equipment’s that share images with patients monitoring performance and accuracy of equipment’s and real time data which can track distribution of medicines, staff activity as well Patient’s condition. Use of IoT happens to be more sophisticated and advanced when it comes to implants, prosthetics, and wearables It take advantage of IoT, streaming data back to medical providers.


Retail: –


Most of the retailers using IoT apps. accepts IoT Apps. help their business to enhance the buying experience and business profit.


IoT Apps. services have changed the dynamics of retail industry, An IoT app in retail domain offers a better customer experience tailored and localized services, and helps business to cater personalized, human and special offer with shopping information to its customers


Transportation: –


Transportation industry is one which is investing heavily in IoT apps. and devices make it smoother and smarter. Many countries are upgrading their freight and public transport services and making them equipped with sensors and IoT apps. that helps them to schedule maintenance, optimizing fuel consumption, train drivers, and better safety standards.

Connected cars are also a great example of leveraging IoT Apps. and services. Now-A-Days many cars are being produced with IoT capabilities that allows drivers to get information about the health of car and condition on an IoT application connected through the internet.


Agriculture: –


Few studies say use IoT apps. and IoT device installation will see a compound growth in agriculture industry at the rate of 20%.

IoT apps. has enhanced the agriculture production and emerged as a driving force to facilitate higher productions at low cost.

The agriculture IoT Applications helps farmers to monitor all vital indicators e.g. water tank level in real time so a farmer knows and makes the irrigation process more efficient. IoT apps in agriculture has unfold the possibility of another green revolution, IoT based agriculture apps help farmers to decrease their cost and increase crop production at the same improves decision making capacity of farmer with accurate data.

Overall IoT apps has potential to increases productivity of any business. At the same time, the productivity increases profit margins as well. IoT apps. offers in time training for employees and labour efficiency too. MAT Consultants has a in hand experience of IoT apps. development and if you are looking for IoT apps development partner for any project, then MAT Consultants is a right choice.

We have an expert team of business analysts, professional IT developers and designers. We offer a complete cycle of IoT application development. We cater the process from engineering to support and evolution. We understand your business closely and then suggest a customised prototype based on that. You can choose to integrate the prototype and even upgrade it.

At MAT Consultants, we have a successful track record of building IoT apps and solutions. We have worked with various businesses around the world. Some of them are based in countries like USA, UK and Middle East.

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