Food Delivery App. Development


Modern lifestyle and evolving technologies are complement to each other, especially revolution in IT sector has facilitated a lot to cope-up with today’s need and one of the most innovative solution that IT  & IT enabled services delivered to society is online food ordering facility VIA Smart Phone and web-based portals.

Online food ordering and delivery as a service evolved from the time when first online order was placed and smart phone and online food ordering apps brought a drastic change and growth in to this sector.

online food ordering and delivery services changed just not our lifestyle but it also created this sector as lucrative investment opportunity to all globally. According to a survey “Orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry by 2020”

There is huge demand in last few years where restaurant developed their own branded online food ordering & delivery apps as well partnered with third party online food ordering app and delivery service providers.

In both cases either a restaurant develops its own mobile application for food ordering and delivery or any investor looking to have an aggregator mobile application for online food order and delivery it require an experienced Mobile Application development company  and here MAT Consultants comes in to the picture.

MAT Consultants is one of the leading Online food ordering and delivery Mobile App development company in Canada, USA, Australia & Europe. We take the basic concept from our clients prepare a high-level SRS and convert the idea in to a great Mobile application for food order and delivery.

In general, an online food ordering application is a combination of three application;

  • Customer Side Application,
  • Restaurant Web portal,
  • Driver / Delivery Boy Side Application.

Each application has a set of features based on demand and requirement. At MAT Consultants we work on each part of application and cater to our clients with best Mobile Application as per their need and expectation.

If you are looking to develop your own Online food order & deliver Mobile application kindly fill our inquiry form or write us on or call us on +1-315 370 7701