ERP Customization & Development



“As per a study 96% of growing businesses who excel in their respective industries rely on an ERP system.”


ERP is also known as Enterprise Resource Planning. In layman terms a software solution that brings All the core processes of a particular company and can be integrated in to one system using technology known as ERP. These systems are used by various businesses all over the world regardless its size. There are many ERP systems available in the market However, most of them have limitations when it comes to customization to make it functional 100% according the business within the budget range.


“95% of companies improve their processes following ERP implementation.”


ERP is no more aimed for large enterprises, if you are growing business and willing to cater best services in time to your customers with an increased efficiency of employees you should think for an ERP system that is built and customized for your business needs and requirement.


“Small businesses experienced a 36% reduction in the time it takes to make decisions because of ERP software.”


An efficient and tailored ERP solutions helps your business to increase the productivity of your business, improve the standard of your customer service, real time data and information updates across the organization that fills the communication gap and help you to co-ordinate better internally, help you to maintain a centralized records system and documentation in accordance with a CIA triad (Confidentiality, integrity and availability). Overall a customized ERP solution helps your business to grow with consistency, smooth functioning in your organization and control mechanism.


There are many studies that explains why a business must consider an ERP solution and getting it customized as per their requirement Study says popular reasons for implementing an ERP by small business are to improve their performance (64%), growth positioning of the business (57%), and reduce working capital (57%).


It is important to note that you can go with a full-fledged available ERP system by hiring an ERP implementation and consulting team based on your budget and requirement. Though if you are a MSME a customized ERP solution may be more appropriate for you because it is fully built to address your requirement with blend of all characteristics of ERP practices and solutions. Customization of the ERP system may depend on your industry, resources, customer requirement and all essentials factors required for internal consumption to empower peer staff and higher management. For a customized ERP solution, you can look forward to MAT Consultants. We will help you to curate and tweak ERP customizations based on your business needs.


We have a professional team of ERP software developers and designers who can help you build an effective and convenient ERP system. We deliver all our projects in the designated time frame. We also believe in creating business solutions for you in your budget. We will sit with you and discuss your business in details. Based on that, we will suggest a customized option for you.


At MAT Consultants, we have an illustrious experience of creating customized ERP systems. We have worked for various organizations around the globe. Some of the companies that we have worked with are based in countries like UK, USA and Middle East.


If you have any ERP customization requirement, then please feel free to contact us for a free quote. We are ready to sign the NDA, if you want to.