“A study says Joomla is best CMS for coding of social networking platforms.”


Online product and services have been turned up in to an integral part of life almost everyone, and thing everything that we need is always looked around the online platforms at least for once and day by day role of online products and services are being very vital to define a user’s journey. So, it is very much essential to meet up with your potential buyer when anything is searched around your product, services or skill-set and having a website is the first step towards this process.


Since most of the business when look for a website for them they look at Opensource CMS to build it because CMS based web portals are easy to operate and can be customized as per their requirement. There are many CMS available in open source domain but only few of them rule the industry and Joomla is one them. Studies available on the internet says Joomla is the second most popular CMS is the world and it powers almost 9% of business websites. Best part of Using Joomla as CMS for your website or portal is, Joomla has SEO friendly functions as a native property. Joomla is much more secured than any other CMS is. Joomla is also equipped with powerful blogging capabilities.


Joomla is CMS that was precisely started as a platform to develop portals and networks, it has a lot of built-in functionality for membership sites, forums, and many other ways to enable user-generated content. Joomla has an advanced user management and ACL (Access Control List) features that make Joomla more safe and secure CMS for any Business. Thus, it can be used independently as a CMS which allows you to build powerful online applications. It consists of a global community of volunteers and developers who makes sure that the platform is user friendly, multilingual, responsive, accessible and search engine optimized.


It is considered to be one of the best sites for social networking platforms and e-commerce stores. It offers excellent plugins which add on to the overall website. However, Joomla demands expert level development and programming skills and this is when MAT Consultants can play a vital role as Joomla programmer for any of your website, portal or any idea.


We have an excellent team of developers who have an experience in working with Joomla. We also have designers who can suggest or curate the best themes for your business. Thus, we can work in your budget and deliver the complete project in time.


At MAT Consultants, we have a proven track record of creating websites with Joomla. We have worked with various companies and clients from around the globe. Some of our major clients are located in countries like USA, UK and Middle East.


If you have any Joomla website requirements, then please contact us for a free quote. We are ready to the sign the NDA, if you want us to.