DevOps as a Service



DevOps is culture meant to offer open communication among software developers, QA engineers, marketers, and other professionals in service industry.


DevOps is a culture and when it comes to IT services it is a combination of working principles, practices and tools that strengthens the capacity and ability to deliver applications and services at on a high speed and constantly improved and optimum standards. DevOps as a service is a very important tool as well practice for any business. It helps in making things convenient. It is basically a delivery model for a set of tools that enables collaboration between a company’s software development team and the operations team. Since it helps in collaboration between the development and operations team, it is known as DevOps.

DevOps Culture in service organization primarily comprises collaboration, automation, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing, continuous monitoring, and rapid correction. Major benefit of introducing DevOps as a service in your organization or hiring a company working on DevOps delivery model helps businesses to reduce their application deployment time to the market. In simple words, it requires shorter development time which provides with faster delivery time. This gives the developers more time to even test the market penetration of a particular application.

DevOps is an amazing practice as it empowers you with continuous testing in-fact it starts in the development environment itself, the test function in a DevOps environment help developers to balance quality and speed. It makes development quicker but also reduces the chances of errors. After the introduction of the digital age, a lot of businesses are choosing to introduce applications and software’s for the benefit of their client. However, the one that offers a great user experience only succeeds, and adopting DevOps culture increase the chances of yours one to be one of them.

Apart from that, Devops as a service also promotes better communication culture between Development, operations and clients. It is a software development practice or culture which enables both the development and operations team to work together. This collaboration often produces stunning and profitable results for the company. It enhances programmer’s efficiency as well. If you are looking to introduce such a system for your enterprise, then schedule a meeting with MAT Consultants today.

We have a technical and skilled team of developers, business analysts and engineers who can build efficient DevOps software. We always believe in delivering the projects on time and within your budget as well. We usually understand your requirements and create a prototype for the DevOps software for you to review for integration or up gradation.

At MAT Consultants, we have a proven record of creating DevOps as a service for various businesses. We have worked with companies from USA, UK and Middle East.

If you have any project and want to use DevOps culture or practice to develop it, Kindly contact us for a free quote. We will sign a NDA, if you want us to.