“600,000 Business from across 175 Countries use Shopify to build their eCommerce store.”



The online world has changed a lot of things for everyone. After the introduction of e-commerce sites, businesses have paved a new route for themselves. Sellers prefer to showcase their products online rather than sitting in a store with high amounts of rent. However, it is important to develop an e-commerce store for your business which reflects a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.


There are a lot of e-commerce platforms with which it is possible for you to create a decent store. However, Shopify is the best option. Shopify is a self-hosted SaaS (Software as a service) solution which provides feature a functionality to build a great eCommerce portal, with the help of Shopify you can have a fully customized, responsive and fast eCommerce portal. Shopify was introduced in 2004 for first time and since now (June – 2019) shopify has helped  820,000 sellers from all across the globe to market their products or service through a fully customized shopify store, that’s why It is the most preferred choice of sellers who are interested in an efficient and quality centric eCommerce portal with rich features. Basically, Shopify is a good option for business owners who sell goods and services that need less configuration. It is possible for you to sell a single product or a handful of products with the advanced features of Shopify. You can create sections on this platform as per your business requirements. This is a very beneficial feature as it increases your ROI and helps you boost the business revenue.


Apart from that, Shopify is easy to setup and use. It also offers a great space for customization based on your requirement It is the best option for business owners who are looking for a complete solution with no hassles of technicalities once a customized Shopify store pushed to live along with hosting. The best part is that the platform offers its own hosting and software that is required to launch the store. Apart from that, it is possible to create a visually appealing store for your brand. They have some bare minimum theme templates. However, a designer can work with them to create a store that is rich with UI and UX.


The platform offers a lot of customization options with app integrations. It is easy to add some extra functionalities and feature for the ease of your customer. Although, it is not possible for you to customize it. You need a team of Professional programmers those are experts in building customized Shopify store. This is the time when MAT Consultants is place you should look for.


  • 100% customizable website
  • Cost effective Shopify solutions
  • Seamless communication
  • Better usability & UI/ UX
  • Maintenance and up-gradation
  • On time project delivery
  • You will get the best value for money
  • Cross browser & cross platform compatible
  • Use of latest version
  • Custom made website & themes


Shopify eStore Customization

If you need any customization in your existing eStore to make it functionality rich, we are a good fit.

Shopify Maintenance

If you are looking for maintenance for your eStore, we’ll help you with our different maintenance packages.

Shopify eStore Redesign

If you are looking for a fresh design to your existing Shopify store, we’ll provide a FREE mock-up design based on your inputs and preferences.

Shopify SEO Service

MAT Consultants helps eStore owners to make them successful with its SEO services. Maximized organic traffic, increased SERP rank, better reach, enhance market image.

MAT Consultants, have a proven track record to build customized shopify eCommerce stores. We have developed various e-commerce stores based on shopify for our clients across the globe. Some of our clients are located in countries like USA, UK and Middle East.


If you are looking for a professional and customized Shopify eCommerce store, please contact us for a free quote. We are also ready to sign the NDA, if you want us to.