iVideo Maker

Project Details

Application Name : iVideo Maker
Available Platform : iTunes Store
Category of Application : Photo & Video editing Application, Image Editor, Video making app
Availability : Across Globe
Technology Stack : xCode, Swift, Objective C
About the Client & App Concept

Our Client is a very passionate and self-learnt Video and image editor individual. He always wanted to bring an image and video editing tool in the form of Application for beginners using iOS devices and interested in video and image editing. That is how the idea of iVideo maker came in to existence.


Since Our client was not a professional yet a very passionate person towards his iOs photo and video editing app, at one hand he had so much in his mind 😊 and at other hand he wanted to realize his app as a masterpiece app that needs to be so much precise where it stands out from all the existing video and image editing application for iOs on beginners level.


Having an idea about the thought process of client and his approach to be perfect, MAT Consultants decided to go in to a brain storming session with him so we can draw a crystal-clear picture for what he needs and what the app must have as a list of features. In the same process we assigned a dedicated analyst to him who spent almost 40+ hours with him and dogged up almost everything that he has in his mind about his iOs App Concept. By the end of analysis session, we finalized the app will have following functionalities on Animation and tool side;

On Animation side we made the application equipped with;

  • Simple Animation,
  • Fade in Animation,
  • Fade In-Out Animation,
  • Left-Opacity Animation,
  • Right-Opacity Animation,
  • Top -Opacity Animation,
  • Bottom-Opacity Animation,
  • Left-Right Animation,