Book Donation

Project Details

Application Name : Book Donate
Category of Application : Social Service Application, Apps. for NGO, Books & Magazines
Technology Stack : PHP, jQuery, Android, Swift, Sublime, Android Studio, xCode
Where to Find : iTunes Store. Google Play Store
About the Client & App Concept

Well we have a group of friends as our client who have been engaged in to academics and it would not be an exaggerated statement if I say they all are bookaholic or book worms, over a period of time our client felt there is a connectivity gap all across the world where avid readers can donate, share, sell or exchanges books based on their interest, requirement, budget & zeal. And that is how this App conceptualized and developed.

Challenge of the App

Though our client wanted to create an App that enable readers all across the globe where they can exchange, sell or share their books but they also wanted to make this for a larger cause where book collectors or readers can donate their books to the needy people or kids or students or even a library so that books can be used over a longer period of time and cater knowledge to as many as people it can.

MAT Consultant’s Solution

Mat Consultant’s Analyst for Mobility Solutions spent a week of time and did feasibility study of the application and came up with a work flow and development plan that catered iOS App and Android App. Our team designed a complete UI for App cycle and coded an application that allows users from across to globe to join our community upload their titles mark them either they are willing to sell a title share or available for donation.
If you are willing to know more about the Application kindly reach us on