Who We Are

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A unique company with diligent services to chase dedicated customers’ dreams and fulfill them. We believe in making the dreams true and don’t believe in chronology of events, but a collection of ideas at work. Having business acumen in the field of web, mobile, application development, customization of web oriented technologies- we serve our patrons and customers in real time. MAT Consultants has a wide experience of capturing the diverse elements that has its own challenges with linear pace of functionality. Within our organization, our management team incubated the ideas for new kind of development and design that has a look and feel approach to garner the onshore and offshore clients.

MAT Consultants has been managed by ethical management team, with result driven web development tools and technologies adhering to our patrons and upcoming clients. Built on top-notch industry experience, and state of an art technology to delivery profound MATrix of agile services to satisfy our customers’ base.

We build relationship that build business by eliminating the myths of IT investment and transparent working culture. Being a well developed paradigm and reliant on changing trends of software, applications, solutions and other such products. We keep no stone unturned, when it comes to maintain and easy to adapt to growing business needs.

Our Purpose

Through technologies innovation, MAT Consultants has been very much passionate about our customers’ accomplishment! We Collaborate them in an unwavering pledge to the quick and unswerving fulfillment of their delivery promises is wheel not core to their business is critical to their offering.

With fresh ideas and a pioneering suite of offerings, we lead the system and fulfill all the obligations to foster the long-term relationship with the client. Through open communication, we build value added services and products with integrity and trustworthiness. This builds mutual professional respect, growth, and sustainability that foster the collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. We build IT products and services that can be easily accessible and in affordable budget. We customize your applications that meet the global competitiveness.

A rectilinear approach build on patrons’ satisfaction will then guarantee the excellent investment into the IT enabled services. This unparalleled qualities and unsurpassed success builds an environment that nurtures the soaring level of ownership of high level of accountability for the execution of our rationale and ignites a self-perpetuating cycle of innovative thinking. We foster recognized principles, which are inevitable for success.

Our Competitors View

These people are always one-step ahead. What we plan they do it? What is their success secret?

Our Investor & Patrons view

These people really know what they are doing, and their strategic planning, what they should do. They have shown an impressive performance record for three consecutive years.


Trust worthy company with best delivering services and product in no time.

Testimonials From Bidding Portals

Best team I have worked with. Honest, trustworthy. The team leader Mani is a fantastic coordinator. Almost 24 hours support. More than I could ask for. Just great...

Doka Interactive LLC. (2-Jul-2012) Worked on Guru

Second Milestone is completed on time. Once more Mani has proven himself to be a great leader. The web developer Hari is very skilled, professional and nice guy. Once small issue though: English is the second language :) Everything was smooth once more.

Doka Interactive LLC. (8th-Jul-2012)