Appcelerator Titanium Applications

Introduction of Titanium

Titanium SDK is an open source framework that allows the creation of native mobile apps on Platforms including iOS, Android from a single JavaScript codebase, developed by Appcelerator.

In February 2013, Business Insider estimated that 10% of all smartphones worldwide ran Titanium-built apps. As of 2017, Titanium had amassed over 950,000 developer registrations.

In January 2016, Appcelerator was acquired by Axway, a global software company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries. Since then, the Indie plans have been made free again, including native API access with Hyperloop.

The core component of Titanium is the Apache-licensed software development kit, Titanium SDK. Appcelerator also makes Alloy, an Apache-licensed, Titanium-based model-view-controller framework, and Appcelerator Studio a proprietary integrated development environment starting for free.


  • MVC-based framework Alloy
  • Transparent access to native functionality covered by Hyperloop and native modules.
  • A cross-platform API for accessing native UI components such as navigation bars, menus, and dialog boxes and native device functionality including the file system, network, geolocation, accelerometer, and maps.
  • Use of hardware-specific features, such as the Android menu button
  • Participate in the platform ecosystem, for example using platform-appropriate notification mechanisms


Why Select Titanium
Appcelerator is a company that never stopped growing since the beginning of their adventure. They are quite massive now and the SDK they provide is way more stable now that it used to be in 2011 when I first started to have a look to this technology.

Basically Appcelerator provides the SDK + a framework called Titanium, then there is a quite powerful MVC framework you can (need) to use on top of this called Alloy. They also provide the IDE, if you need, called Appcelerator Studio now. You can develop without using the IDE and install the SDK + Frameworks using npm as they’re all node modules in reality.

Of course there are some limitations of using a hybrid framework that binds JavaScript functions and objects into native Objective-C or Java functions and classes but to be honest you have definitely more power than using a web based solution. If you’re a native mobile app developer then that’s fine, stick with your technology but if you’re a web based developer and want to build 100% native and powerful apps, then that’s the technology you need to go for.

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List of Appcelerator Titanium Apps Development Services While building mobile apps you can take one of three approaches: Web apps, Hybrid Apps or Native apps.

Web Apps
Web Apps are websites designed to fit in mobile screens and are accessed by typing a URL in the phone’s browser. There are multiple UI frameworks that can make your Web app look like a native app, or you can build it using media queries to make it responsive to the web browser’s dimensions.
Hybrid Apps
Hybrid Apps are Web apps that are packaged in a custom full-screen browser to resemble a native mobile app, with extensions that provide access to some hardware features, but your user interface is still written in HTML/CSS and rendered by a web browser.
Native Apps
Native Apps are written using different languages depending on the platform. Native apps have full access to the hardware and the user interface is rendered by the platform SDK.
Hire Dedicated Developer
MAT Consultants has a team of skilled and professional developers. For Enterprise level projects in Titanium you can a hire a dedicated titanium developer or a team of dedicated developers,
PhoneGap is a framework to build Hybrid Apps, while Titanium is a framework to build Native Apps, so that makes them different right from the start. The decision of which one to use has not much to do with the technical details of each, but rather with what you’re trying to build. In this document we’ll go into the technical details of both to give you a better understanding of how each product approaches the problem.


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