App Development for Amazon Store

Make your web and mobile apps compatible to Amazon devices

Why Amazon Appstore:

The Amazon Appstore is available for the all Fire phone, Kindle Fire (Tab), and Amazon Fire TV. Once you submit your apps, millions of customers can discover, search or shop for your apps and games on Amazon in nearly 200 countries worldwide using online and mobile stores in the US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Amazon promote your apps with its proven e-commerce and marketing features like search, browse, and app recommendations based on customers purchases history and through programs. These features bring your apps to customers while helping you increase visibility.

Amazon Appstore also Accepting HTML5 Web Apps

Amazon Mobile App Distribution program now enables you to distribute Packaged HTML5 web apps. You can now submit a zip file containing the resources for your web apps and have Amazon offer that app across mobile devices to reach millions of Appstore customers in 235 countries around the globe.

Apps can be built without worrying about operational and hosting costs and can take advantage of the fast startup performance and offline functionality.

Publish Web Apps for Fire Phone and Kindle Fire Tablets

After the launch of Fire phone, HTML5 web apps has been available for customers across mobile devices to reach millions of Appstore customers in nearly 200 countries across the globe and earn revenue using Amazon’s In-App Purchase API for JavaScript.

Build apps for the Kindle Fire using open source web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, leveraging Amazon’s GPU-accelerated web app runtime for seamless performance.

You can now build applications that take advantage of the innovative Dynamic Perspective user interface, app widgets and one-handed shortcuts like tilt and peek.

Responsive Web Design

Amazon Web Apps take advantage of responsive web design and run your existing mobile website as an app. Since the web app is based on your existing code, any changes to your mobile website are automatically reflected in the Amazon Web App. There is no longer a need to create a separate mobile application with separate content from your website.

How MAT Consultants assists you:

MAT Consultants- apart from building iOS, Android apps and a full range of web design & development services, assists you in making your android apps compatible to Amazon devices i.e. kindle fire (Tab), Fire Phone(Mobile), Amazon Fire TV. Its very simple to get started:

  1. We take your android apps code;
  2. Review the code;
  3. Make the required changes in code to make it compatible with Amazon devices;
  4. Test the app and publish it to Amazon Appstore on your behalf;
  5. Once app get approved, will inform you.
  6. We do this for you at a very nominal fixed cost just $199 USD

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Testimonials From Bidding Portals

Best team I have worked with. Honest, trustworthy. The team leader Mani is a fantastic coordinator. Almost 24 hours support. More than I could ask for. Just great...

Doka Interactive LLC. (2-Jul-2012) Worked on Guru

Second Milestone is completed on time. Once more Mani has proven himself to be a great leader. The web developer Hari is very skilled, professional and nice guy. Once small issue though: English is the second language :) Everything was smooth once more.

Doka Interactive LLC. (8th-Jul-2012)